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Privacy Policy

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

OutBoxTV seeks to provide the highest possible level of customer service while collecting only essential customer information. The highest standards of security are used to insure that all private information is secure.

Payment and Credits Return Policy

On the request of a customer, we will refund overpaid amount.

Privacy Policy

Signup is required. It is  necessary to sign up to view content on your device.

Anonymous data is analyzed to determine product usage, and to inform the design of future product upgrades. Personal information is collected only at the option of a user who chooses to sign up. This optional information is used for additional personalized features such as automatic bookmarking, personalized watch list, and customer support. The user agrees to receive product updates, offers, and promotional emails from OutBoxTV. OutBoxTV will never sell information collected from its users to third parties.

If at any time a user wishes for a correction or deletion of personal information utilized by OutBoxTV, please contact us at info@outboxtv.com. OutBoxTV will correct or delete the information immediately.

The secure storage of your information is a priority for OutBoxTV. OutBoxTV utilizes all appropriate and industry-standard methods for the protection of our electronic databases. Secure Socket Layers are used to transfer information and all databases are secured behind redundant layers of Firewalls. Access to such information is available only to those employees whose work relates to the effective provisioning of content to users.

Modifications to this Agreement

OutBoxTV may modify and update this privacy policy as needed and at any times by posting the amended version on our website.

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